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Providing insight and high-quality executive search solution to ensure a Global Chemicals Organisation successfully hired the perfect candidate for a newly created Chief Technology Officer position

The emergence of a new role is always something that brings excitement within a growing business, however alongside this comes the responsibility to ensure a new hire reflects the needs and requirements of the business. This was a task for A-Gas, one of the world leaders within supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants, blowing agents, industrial gases as well as technical, who were beginning their process to hire for the newly created role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

This role was created to oversee all IT operations within the business and would be the first global role within the company. For this reason, A-Gas chose to work with us over traditional recruitment agencies as they required support in benchmarking candidates and understanding the labour market within CTO’s (for example, current salary and levels of experience) to support them during their recruitment process.

Our Solution

We identified and approached over 250 individuals who were assessed as potentially suitable for the CTO opportunity. Our research-led methodology helped us to combine executive search with data gathering, which enabled us to reveal the following intelligence regarding the labour market:

  • Location of the top Technology talent
  • Average tenure within previous role
  • Demographics – age/gender
  • Overview of prominent technology employers – to support future hires at varying levels
  • Awareness and Perception of A-Gas within the market
  • Most important factors when looking for a new role
  • Reporting lines
  • Pay and benefits

At the conclusion of this, we presented 19 candidates who were both interested in this opportunity and suitable for consideration for this role. These candidates were presented to A-Gas in the form of a longlist, we were then asked to assist in completing the shortlisting process. 

11 face to face interviews were completed by our experienced interviews with candidates who had demonstrated interest in this CTO opportunity or had already applied for the role, this helped A-Gas compare external and internal candidates.  Alongside this, we provided a range of deeper insights and candidate reports to support subsequent stages of the recruitment process.  Each candidate report included: 

  • An Executive Summary of each candidate, overviewing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ability tests – providing added insight into each candidates’ underlying aptitudes in relation to the role.
  • Completed a range of psychometric tests – this revealed possible areas of strength and/or weakness to explore in an interview.
  • Competency Scoring to support each interview and compare based on the appropriate criteria.
  • NEO Personality Inventory, PPM Verbal Comprehension, PPM Verbal Reasoning Testing. 

Using the information and insights that we provided, A-Gas invited five candidates to interviews, which led to the successful hire.    

Our solution allowed A-Gas to understand the labour market to support their hire. The range of insights we offered around the interview process also assured A-Gas that their hire would not only attend to the company’s needs but would be an appropriate culture fit within the rest of the business. Our insights also helped A-Gas understand why people were interested in working for their company, enabling them to re-evaluate their proposition to support future hires.

This project specifically exemplifies the range of research insights that we provide and how this sets us apart from more traditional recruitment agencies. The recruitment of a CTO was completely new process for A-Gas, however, together we were able to provide a strategy that enabled them to make a hire that would support their global IT operations.