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An independent benchmarking solution to ensure our Renewables Energy customer hired the best candidate for their newly created Customer Operations Director to achieve business change.

When hiring for a senior vacancy it is a foregone conclusion that finding the right candidate is a key element to driving the growth and success of the broader business. With that in mind when an internal candidate seems to be a good fit it is prudent to have a comparison to the talent available in the external market. Cogito were tasked by a renewable energy supplier to provide benchmarking information to support the recruitment of a Customer Operations Director.

Our Solution

We created a solution specifically for the customer formed by several phases:

  • Identification of candidates through open source information, industry data, competitor targeting and traditions searches.
  • Engagement with mapped candidates through tailored approaches on multiple channels leading to telephone screenings
  • Analysis of data collected in the telephone screens including remuneration, motivators, tenure, reporting lines.
  • Presentation of full profiles of interested candidates along with an insights report detailing average remuneration packages in relation to experience, size of organisation and responsibilities. Analysis of broader market data including the number of comparable live vacancies currently advertised and thus providing competition.
  • Post presentation support during the interview proccess

Our customer utilised our range of insights and commentary to benchmark external and internal candidates, providing a robust assessment process of skills, experience and financial packages.  An internal candidate was hired into the role and the customer could evidence why they were the best candidate and the competitiveness of the employment offer.