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Senior ecommerce talent research, insights and pipeline to enable evidence-based role creation and provide platform for direct recruitment strategy for fast growing retailer 

Following a period of sustained growth our customer was focused upon further increasing its market share through the evolution of its ecommerce capability.

The growth of the business was dependent upon acquiring talent with a proven track record to lead this evolution, however a number of questions relating to the role scope and responsibilities, job title and package remained.  Before commencing a full search project, business leaders wanted insight to shape the position.

Our Approach

Working with the customer we created a clear set of research criteria which would provide them with the understanding they required.

Our team of researchers identified post-holders in organisation with a strong ecommerce reputation and platform.  Combining desk based with telephone research we gathered data concerning:

  • Job Titles
  • Reporting Lines and Team Size
  • Role Responsibilities and Organisational Remit
  • Experience
  • Financial Packages

Our analysts reviewed the data to present trends which we incorporated into our recommendations for our customer so that they could create a role and financial package which was relevant to the skills they were seeking to acquire.