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Confidential and in-depth research solution which enables this global retailer to benchmark its senior management team against the competition

Our client operates within a highly competitive commercial sector with an equally competitive candidate market.

The in-house recruitment team faced a consistent challenge to attract leaders from competitor businesses to support strategic goals, resulting in rising headhunt costs and a detrimental impact upon business performance.

Our Solution

We mapped the market for current and future leaders through networking, analysis and canvassing activity.  

Our research team focused upon prominent businesses within the sector who are customer was keen to attract talented people from, due to their products, success or cultural alignment.  

Over 500 individuals were presented to our customer, from executive to senior management levels, across a range of key and critical business functions. 

We gathered data which helped our customer to understand more about the talent in terms of career trends, locations, reward and skills and experience.  

This report provided our customer with a broader and more specific pool of prospective candidates than their internal team had traditionally delivered and presented them with the information to devise effective engagement plans and take ownership for the direct hiring of future leaders.