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Extensive market mapping and candidate intelligence solution to support Operations Director recruitment for one of the world’s leading Yacht manufacturers

Following ambitious growth targets from the CEO we were engaged by Princess Yachts, one of the UK’s leading marine manufacturing businesses to conduct an end to end executive search assignment for a Manufacturing Operations Director who would drive an increase in production quality and volume.

Our Solution

We identified and approached over 300 individuals who had experience of leadership in a high quality & high-volume manufacturing environment through multiple layers of search strategies and open source data.

Potential candidates were interviewed by our research team unpicking the nuances in the experience of candidates from different industries and the benefits and drawbacks that they bring.

The information that our team gathered around interested individuals was then formed into a candidate report outlining their key skills and experiences that were relevant to the role. Accompanying the candidate report was an insights report that detailed a range of market information collected from the interviews and market data including;

  • Demographics
  • Talent hot spots
  • Trends in reporting lines and responsibilities
  • Team Sizes
  • Motivators
  • Brand perception
  • Remuneration analysis
  • Hiring demand

Using the insights to benchmark and add context to the prospective candidates, the client selected 6 individuals to bring to interview. Prior to interview we organised a selection of competency questions to be administered to the candidates to enable the business to better understand the relevance of the individuals experience.

After a 3-stage interview process co-ordinated by our dedicated project team, the business made an offer to a candidate who subsequently accepted.