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Confidential Tax Director research project to enable in-depth role and financial package benchmarking for market leading insurance Organisation 

When a vacancy arises in a critical senior role, the challenge is not just finding the right candidate, but defining what the proposition needs to look like to attract that candidate. Cogito were engaged by a large international insurance firm who unexpectedly had a vacancy in their senior leadership team, to conduct research that would allow them to; define responsibilities in the role, benchmark internal candidates and build a competitive proposition.

Our Solution

Cogito identified and engaged with over 200 candidates who matched the key pre-requisites for the role through standard social media sources, job boards, academic publications and industry events. 

The research team then conducted in-depth interviews with those identified gathering a wealth of data not only in terms of their skills and experience, remuneration and responsibilities but also their drivers & motivators. This data was then analysed by Cogito’s in-house team of people analytics specialists to compile a report that included; full CV’s of candidates that were immediately interested in entering into a recruitment process,  analysis of the current responsibilities that candidates had along with remuneration packages and trends in motivations and drivers.

Our report was incorporated into broader organisational design and role creation workstreams by our customers senior management and HR team, enabling them to set a structure, person specifications and reward schemes based upon role specific insight.